Inter House Kho Kho Competition

26 AUGUST, 2014
MMIS is a shining example of the amount of effort and commitment our educators put towards providing students with the best possible opportunities in their early sporting lives.
Our students have excelled on the sporting field and many have been rewarded by gaining selection in the various sports competitions. Sports play a major role in shaping the personality of a child. In MMIS our constant efforts are to develop the personality of our children by nurturing every aspect of their life.
Getting on the way an inter-house Kho-Kho championship was organized in the school on 26 Aug, 2014. All four houses ( Bhabha, Bose, Raman & Ramanujan) had their teams ready for the event. All the students were taken to the playground and were made to sit with their house placards. Before starting of the event the scores as per last week performances for all the houses were declared by Ms. Anuradha along with the marks scored by students in declamation contest for their houses. Raman house scored highest marks and declared winner.
The opening match was between Ramanujan and Bhabha. The event was conducted by Ms. Neha and Mr. Ramesh. Both the teams were given instructions for the match. Ramanujan played defender and Bhabha house was chaser and vice-versa. Bhabha house won the match and became first finalist. In the second match Bose house and Raman hose were against each other. Raman house started as defenders and Bose as chasers and vice-versa. Bose house won the match and became second finalist.
The final match was between Bose and Bhabha. All the students cheered for their players and teams. It was a very exciting match. All the players put their best efforts to make their team victorious. Bose house emerged as the winner of the event by defeating Bhabha house and declared as the champion of the trophy. The winner team and the participant teams were cheered by the staff and students as well. Best players were declared

from the teams. The list is as follows-
Loveleen (class V) Bose ( 5 minutes not out)
Himanshi (class VII) Bose ( 3 minutes 40 sec not out)
Dilshan (class IV) Ramanujan ( 2 minutes 30 sec not out)