MMIS Students Visited Post Office to know about the travelling of messages

Excursions are means of educating ourselves on how certain things work and how we rely on certain services. Students of MMIS had a wonderful visit to the Post-office on September 16, 2014.
The children and teachers were welcomed warmly by the staff at the Post- office. They were taken around to see how letters are collected, segregated, stamped and then stored in pigeon holes for the postmen to collect. It was altogether a great learning experience especially in these times of email & fax. Visiting a post-office was something out-of-the-ordinary for the children although “post” is an ancient form of communication!
Students had a glance of the various counters catering to the public, namely those selling stamps, envelopes, postcards etc. They were explained the way parcels are delivered to different places in the city and places in the country as well as many countries too! While returning students got to see a mail van and were also told the way the letters go by van to the airport and railway station. Later the children posted envelopes that they had prepared in class by themselves, writing addresses, putting a date and quoting beautiful messages for their parents. It was delightful to see the excitement on the children’s faces as they posted their envelopes in the post box. Students of MMIS shared in the thrill and the education of this class trip which is likely to get a miss in the modern and fast age that we live in.